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President's Message

The purposes of the JSHS are:
  1. to seek to clarify the reasons that the concept of health embraces such different levels of concern among different persons ,
  2. to undertake studies of health problems that go beyond obvious physical, mental or emotional health deficits form the viewpoint of evidence based sciences such as medicine, environment, humanism, ecology, economics, politics, philosophy, mental health, preventive medicine, public health, biology, sociology, wellbeing, medical infomatics, primary care, ergonomics, behavioral science, physiology, etc.
  3. to establish channel of communication and disseminate knowledge between policy-makers, professionals, providers working in the healthcare and related industries, and citizen; and
  4. to help promote understanding about health sciences, Japanese medicine, health policies, health maintenance and health promotion.
For the purposes as mentioned above, seven committees and one study group have been set up to conduct researches and studies of various health-related issues, hold the scientific meetings and symposiums, prepare reports, and make proposals. Well-attended scientific meetings are held annually by the JSHS for the presentation of the results of the activities of study groups in various places in Japan. Moreover, the JSHS is one of the 1,300 scientific societies with the status of academic partners of the Science Council of Japan (SCJ).
Thus, the Japan Society of Health Sciences will continue to strive to help solve various health problems facing the world today by cooperating with scientists, academic research organizations, the related industries and citizen. And then, to help enhance national health.
President, Japan Society of Health Sciences
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