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The Science Council of Japan (SCJ)

The SCJ was established in January 1949. Although under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister, it operates independently of the government. The SCJ, which represents some 840,000 scientists, consists of roughly 2,000 members with 210 serving as council members.

Its primary functions are, first, to make policy recommendations and deliberate on scientific issues; second, to coordinate the scientific community; third, to promote international exchanges in the scientific field; and fourth, to communicate with society at large.

The SCJ organization consists of a General Assembly, an executive (comprising a President and three Vice-Presidents), a Managing Committee, three divisions (Humanities, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences and Engineering), five administrative committees (Planning, Nominating, Scientists, Science and Society, and International Affairs), thirty committees covering different academic fields, a series of ad hoc committees devoted to specific issues, and an Executive Office.

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